I wish I could love November. It isn’t the chillier weather that makes me sad, or even the shorter hours of daylight. It is waking to the sound of guns going off around me.

Hunting season.

I am blessed to live in a beautiful area with open marshes, groves of mixed forest, and a winding river lapping nearby. Idealic most of the time. But this month, it seems more like a shooting range than a pastoral scene.

Usually the hunters stalk the marshes on the other side of the river. Yesterday, hunters came to the field adjacent to our own. Nearly one hundred Canada geese had lived there all summer and fall, feeding, raising their young, flocking together before the big flight south.

I stood in horror as a small flock circled the field and I heard the bark of shotguns.Six or eight birds fell to the ground. More gunfire exploded as the hunters finished the wounded birds off. My heart screamed “NO!”

I went through the rest of the day in depressed frustration. There was nothing I could do. The hunters had permission from the landowners to be there. They were breaking no laws. But the deaths of those lovely birds broke my heart.

Today, there are no geese on the marsh. Their soft honking and V-formation flights are no more. Those who survived have left, like refugees from a war zone.

I miss them.





Hurricane Sandy hasĀ  made me angry. We have known for many years that our lifestyle is harming the environment. Global warming used to be something that could happen. It has become something that has happened, and will continue to happen. Despite warnings from skilled environmentalists, we have allowed the Earth to be raped of her natural resources and made filthy with our waste. The greed of those who are in power and our complacency with their decisions make me furious. At all of us. Mother Earth is getting pretty pissed off too. And who can blame her?

I want to see a world that is cared for responsibly. I want fair trade and fair shares. I want us to heal our home planet. I want global leaders to stop worrying about elections and paybacks and start caring about our lives.