I sometimes envy the grandparents that get to be grandparents. The ones who get to be the spoilers. The ones who have the wonderful luxury of being the back-up plan, the sometimes babysitters, the safety net.

I wonder if they realize what a tremendous gift it is to be able to give their grandchildren their precious time, the cookies, the extra hugs, the fun weekends and sleep-overs.

I often hear these lucky grandparents say, “I love having the grandkids but they tire me out.”

They have no idea!!

We grands who are parenting our grandchildren are exhausted all the time. We are thirty years (or more) older than we were when our kids were little. And we’re dealing with sick kids, sleepless kids, energetic kids, kids who have swim lessons, soccer practice and need homework help and we are doing it 24/7.

365 days a year.

We are also the ones who have to say, “Finish your carrots”, and “No cartoons before you’ve done your chores”, and “No cookies before dinner.”

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely feel blessed to beĀ  my grandchild’s care-giver. To do anything else is unthinkable. I love her and our time together.

But wouldn’t it be lovely to be her “I-want-to-go-visit-grandma” grandmother, even for a day, rather than being her grandMom?

So those of you who have been blessed with sometimes seeing the grandkids, be thankful. Be grateful that you do not have to be the one who always has to keep the balls in the air. Cherish every moment.

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