The first thing many people say when I tell them my grandchild had a tonsillectomy is “I didn’t think they did that anymore.”

It is not the common procedure it was 50 years ago, that’s for sure. But when there are constant infections and swelling that interfere with sleep and activities, an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist may decide they have to go.

It is not a Mickey Mouse surgery. The child will have a very sore throat for ten days to two weeks. Soft foods during that time is a must. And if there is bleeding, fever or the child won’t drink because of the pain, it is back to the hospital BDQ.

We unfortunately experienced the affects of infection and consequentially, the inability to drink due to pain and so we spent an extra couple of days in the hospital. The staff was wonderful, but it wasn’t fun, that’s for sure. The insertion of the IV was a very unpleasant time for all of us.

However, we are home, the throat is healing, and things are looking up.

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