Kids Say

Youngsters see the world with fresh eyes and explore language in unique ways to describe what they experience. This post shares some absolutely wonderful preschooler comments and observations.


Three year old, while painting: What do you get when you mix blue and orange?

Adult: I’m not sure.

Three year old, mixing blue and orange paint and smearing it onto paper: It makes a kind of brown. It looks like diarrhea!


Preschooler: I know what “foot” starts with. (making the sound of the letter) F-f-f-f . It’s the letter F.

Adult: Cool. And what does it end with?

Preschooler: (Sounding it out) T-t-t-t. Toes!!!

Of course a foot ends with toes!


Four year old: I want brown rice for supper. But not really dark brown. Not dark like this. (She closed her eyes to show how dark she meant.)


Granddaughter: I am very fast. I can go one million one thousand.

Grandmother: Wow. That’s fast.

Granddaughter: That’s as old as you are!



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