You’ve Got a Friend

What a wonderful difference a bit of friendship makes when a person is down. After dealing with illness in  our  family for several weeks, I was tired, down-hearted and tired. (Did I mention that I was quite tired???)

A friend who I had seen little of recently,  due to family commitments on both our sides, called me out of the blue and asked to come visit for a couple of days. I warned her about the colds and chaos in our home but she was willing to come anyway.

What a lift it was to see her again. We talked and talked. We reconnected. She brought groceries and helped prepare meals. She did some cleaning and babysitting.

It was an amazing gift to me.  I desperately needed the help but even more-so, I needed the TLC.

I remember an acquaintance telling me about when her children were small. She had five little ones and was struggling to keep up with meals, chores and refereeing. She said she was so grateful when a friend would come to visit and grab the laundry basket as they chatted and fold clothes. The camaraderie was great…the hands-on help doubly great.

Sure, I’m still dealing with the cold and fatigue, but this special friend has given me a much-needed dose of love and laughter. I can’t thank her enough.

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