The smell of roses makes my nose feel very, very, very….cute.

The Best and the Worst about being a Grand-Mom

The Best is watching my GD (granddaughter) grow, develop and discover her world and herself every day. I marvel at each milestone and moment of revelation. She has such interesting insights and she has returned my sense of wonder in the world. I laugh at her funny ways of expressing herself, like the smell of roses makes her nose feel cute. She makes my world a more joyous place.

The worst is the worry. I am concerned about my own ability to keep up. Can I really be all that I need to be for her for the next 15-20 years? Will I be healthy enough, stronger enough, flexible enough to support her as she goes through her early school years, her adolescence, her teens? It is a daunting prospect. I will be in my late 70s before she graduates high school.

I hope and pray each day that I will be able to carry on.

And bask in the glory of her young self in the here and now.

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