Six months

I’ve been retired for about six months now.

I have had acquaintances ask me if I am glad to be retired -or if I have experienced any post-retirement depression.

I happily tell them “NO! No depression here!”

I am loving my new freedoms. The freedom to get up at 7:30 in the morning, instead of my working days’ 5:30 am wake up. The freedom to visit friends when I want to, rather than only on weekends. The freedom to grocery shop leisurely instead of rushing up and down the aisles franctically to scoop up necessities and then hurry home to make supper. The freedom to “be there” for people who need a little extra help. The freedom to take up new hobbies and pursue desired passtimes.

I have decided, though, to begin a part-time job. The time working will only amount to about 8 hours a week, and it won’t be terribly demanding. It should not interfere with my freedoms, but will give some structure to my weeks’ activities. And it will allow me to meet some new people.

I look at it as a positive step to enjoying my lesiure years.


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