The smell of roses makes my nose feel very, very, very….cute.

The Best and the Worst about being a Grand-Mom

The Best is watching my GD (granddaughter) grow, develop and discover her world and herself every day. I marvel at each milestone and moment of revelation. She has such interesting insights and she has returned my sense of wonder in the world. I laugh at her funny ways of expressing herself, like the smell of roses makes her nose feel cute. She makes my world a more joyous place.

The worst is the worry. I am concerned about my own ability to keep up. Can I really be all that I need to be for her for the next 15-20 years? Will I be healthy enough, stronger enough, flexible enough to support her as she goes through her early school years, her adolescence, her teens? It is a daunting prospect. I will be in my late 70s before she graduates high school.

I hope and pray each day that I will be able to carry on.

And bask in the glory of her young self in the here and now.

Smelling Roses, Watching Slugs

I never know what the day will bring with my GD (granddaughter).

One day this summer, we stopped and watched a slug crawl across our driveway. For twenty minutes. That is something I would never “have time for” in other circumstances. The fascination for such little things is quite amazing in preschoolers.  My GD has really made me slow down and pay attention to exceptional, but often dismissed, things.

We do a lot of role playing too. On any given day, we might be birds, cats, Dora and Boots, or butterflies. It takes some mental gymnastics to keep up with her imagination.

The other evening at bath-time she announced that she was a bouncy cantaloupe. Where did that come from?

Every day is an adventure.

My doctor recently told me that I don’t fit any demographic and I guess she’s right. It seems pretty bizarre to be dealing with menopause and toilet training at the same time. Thinking about RIFFs and RESPs. Coping with daycare placement and arthritis.

It wasn’t in the retirement plan. But here we are – ready for retirement and raising a three year old.

I admit that I went through some self doubt and “why me?” moments, but this situation is my choice and the only one I can really live with. I am doing this for love and most of the time it is sweet.

Sometimes, though, I would like to have the chance to talk to someone who is dealing with a similar situation. There must be other grandmas out there who are also acting as moms.

So I am going to share some of my ups and downs here and would welcome others who are living these sorts of moments to share theirs.