An open letter to our prime minister:

To PM Harper,

I heard one of your ministers reply to a question about global warming and the impact Canada is having on the environment. She gave a smug reply that your government is doing lots of great things and is on track in dealing with this issue.

I have to say: Not nearly good enough!

Are you aware of the devastation occurring among various species? The monarch butterfly has had a cataclysmic year with 90-95% of their numbers decimated. Honey bees are now a species of concern. Both of these insects are an important part of our food chain, as pollinators. Climate change and GMO crops are contributing to their demise.

Brown bats are now endangered. It is believed that climate change has allowed a deadly virus to wipe out whole colonies of these winged mammals. Bats eat thousands of insects every night. Without them, mosquitoes and other pest insects will flourish.

Polar bears are disappearing at an alarming rate. Again, global warming is the culprit. What will happen to our already failing fishery if bears do not prey on seals in the north Atlantic waters?

Right whales, which number fewer than 400 individuals, are no longer feeding in established areas in the Bay of Fundy. As waters warm, it is feared that the plankton food supply is disappearing. Scientists are worried. Where have the whales gone? Are these whales on the brink?

We are looking at mass extintion of several species. This is not a possibility somewhere down the road. This is occurring right now. We are there. Our world as we know it is in a rapid decline. The balance has been upset and human beings are facing the crisis along with all the other creatures on Earth.

I would think that a responsible government would be doing everything possible to halt this. Canada should be a world leader in sustainable energy development, in water conservation, in recycling, in protection of species at risk.

It is not good enough to pay lip service to the problem and pat yourselves on the back for medicore involvement. Canada needs our government to take an active part in this situation. The world needs our government to take an active part.