Animal Talk

Description: A police dog helps take down criminals and searches for lost children. A cat defies odds and distance to be reunited with its family. A lion cub blissfully shares a kitchen with a family and a few pugs. These true stores and more are collected in this inspiring book by Joyce. These tales shows us the breadth and width of an animal’s ability to communicate with each other, and us with them. Primarily rooted in the Maritimes, each story shows a very different example of how a pet can influence events around them, including an eye-opening account of the growing field of Animal Communicators-people who learn to interpret and respect what these critters are trying to tell us, and who help other people to communicate better as well. There are 18 stories in total, and each is written in a heartwarming style reminiscent of Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and will be a pleasant and uplifting read for all ages.

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